Take Advantage Of Asbestos Removal Sydney

containment under- pressure what this does is it goes through three-stage filters and brings the are actually outside clean it keeps the urn our work area and your home clean right here you can see this is one of our big nap decontamination chambers and what this is is we actually have a two-stage process for removing the waste from your home as well as a three-stage process for each candidate.

ourselves so that we don’t contaminate anything else we hold and the whole process state fortuitous some of our equipment to ensure that you’re always going to be safe love working is this machine right here is called denominator and what it does sit actually monitors an extra pressure inside our work area and make that area were calling in and filtering this going back down clean and not back in your home is second part is our water everything that we use we’re going to filter is going to filter down.

To one micron and it’s going to put it into sanitary sewer this way you don’t have to worry about anything affecting your home metal so as you can see here this is one of our personal examination will actually go inside to split interests into our respiratory and safety switches are go through our shower and into the work area once all this is setup is where we will actually start Morning News so we talked outside about states make America now we’re going to get fully set up inside your home.

look start we’re going to cover anything with critical barrier potentially explosive science center and we’re also going to make.

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